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the Cabinet Coordinator by SilverWingStorm the Cabinet Coordinator by SilverWingStorm


Name: Sasha
Species: Shiny Blitzle
Gender: Male
Ability: Motor Drive [When a Pokémon with Motor Drive is hit by an Electric-type move, its Speed is increased by one stage, and the move will have no effect on that Pokémon.]
Age: 19
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Move Set: 

>> Discharge [Sasha releases electricity through the jagged part of his mane on the top of his head. This can deal damage to a few enemies at once.]
>> Agility [Produces a burst of speed. Can be stacked, but wears down his energy and wears off over time. I picture it's appearance/funtion in a similar fashion to AoU's Quicksilver, with the wisp trails.
>> Flash [Light is produced from both mane and tail. Can be used in a burst to distract adversaries, or over time. The latter wears down on his energy.]
>> Rain Dance [Summons a small thundercloud over a radius of 8 feet that results in light to heavy rain. The heavier or longer the rain lasts, the more drained Sasha will feel.]


Aliases: N/A
Position: Daxter's Secretary
D.O.B.: June 19th (Gemini)
Height: 3'00'' [Above Average]
Weight: 60 lbs [Below Average]
Type: Electric
Preferences: Asexual, Biromantic


This Courier is a relatively reserved equine, quite pleased to keep to himself for the most part. That isn't to say he's shy - the Blitzle can talk to most 'mon without hassle - but he does go out of his way to stay unnoticed. Still, Sasha is generally very friendly, easy to talk to, and even easier to fluster. He's pretty sharp too and is pretty good at reading body language; that is, when he's paying attention. He has a knack for daydreaming and getting lost in thought, so the electric-type doesn't always make a good listener. He also doesn't like chatting for too long, as he starts to get anxious.

At work, he's generally very business-like and formal. He's better at dealing with 'mon who are becoming frustrating or obnoxious in this mind-set, though he doesn't come across these types very often. Between filing and delivering, he'd rather be outside, dashing letters to recipients and relaying messages between others. Despite the workload he manages to take on each day, he can genuinely say that he enjoys it. His favorite part about his job is getting to know his clients, especially those who send or receive a lot of mail. 

Outside of his job, he enjoys quitely studying whichever subject has caught his fancy in the Guild's tremendous library. He can spend hours upon hours pouring over books and taking notes; sometimes he'll check them out and grab a cup of coffee while he goes over them. Otherwise, his other pasttimes include stargazing and sleeping, whenever he has the time to do so. Sasha had also recently taken an interest in the increasingly popular Speedball sport, although he doubts he'd do very well if he were to play. Nonetheless, the equestrian has begun to take a real shine to it.


Sasha is from a very small encampment in Leezh. It is nicknamed Paradise Mirage, due to it being incredibly hard to find; vistors are an incredibly rare sight. The locals live in tents and other sorts of temporary-type shelters, and usually sleep on blankets and cloths, if not just on the soft sand the camp is founded on top of. Not only that, but it was built up around a small oasis, the biggest source of food and water for the inhabitants.

The Blitzle himself was left as an egg in the warm sands on the outskirts of Paradise, only found after a Marowak resident had almost stumbled over it. After taking up the egg and taking half an hour or so to see if the parents were still around, she'd given up and taken it into her tent. It was less than a day before practically the entire village was invested in the newly orphaned egg; it was less than two weeks before he hatched.

He quickly became the town darling, and he soon felt as though he had tens of parents. If they'd let him, he would refer affectionately to such Pokemon as 'Aunt' or 'Uncle,' but only the Marowak who had taken him in originally was the sole 'mon who he referred to as 'Mom.' If an inhabitant didn't just adore him, then they at least tolerated him.

A few of these Pokemon were characters the colt quickly took an interest in; the Garchomp leader of the Paradise Mirage Guardians, Vazor, and the local Aerodactyl post manager, Saltarello. Though he found Vazor's occupation to be incredibly cool - majorly driving predators like Gabite and Sandile away from the camp, and then watching over the camp's shrine to their patron - he liked Saltarello's better. 

Despite his reserved personality, Sasha enjoyed talking to and being around the Paradise Mirage citizens, and delivering mail seemed right up his alley. After copious amounts of pleading, not only from himself, but half of Paradise, Sal agreed to take Sasha on as an apprentice; he was given a matching blue scarf as a half-hearted way to symbolize a messenger's uniform, and he was then tasked with delivering verbal messages between locals. Only Sal was cleared to take written mail out of town, to those who had ditched town, or for those who'd decided to move in and had relatives in other places of the world.

After that, life was pretty uneventful for Paradise Mirage, with the exception of the few times something managed to get past Vazor's crew, or the occasional vistors, until one day, a traveling caravan stopped in for the night. Needless to say, most of the residents were incredibly curious, including Sasha.

That evening, one of the travelers was telling tales of the place they were traveling to, and Sasha was hooked as soon as he mentioned the huge amount of different Pokemon from different places would conglomerate there. The Blitzle planned to leave with the caravan in the next few days; he took most of those to say goodbye and tie up loose ends. He said goodbye to everyone, retired from his messenger position (Saltarello refused to take the scarf back and continuously insisted he keep it), and hit up who appeared to be the leader of the caravan, an unusually weathered-looking Archeops.

From there, he joined the caravan in traveling to where he eventually hooked up with the Dungeoneers Guild, underneath the Couriers faction.


>> Very fond of psychology, particularly in relation to dreams and their functions.
>> He also likes to stargaze, which he'll do every so often.
>> In terms of food, Sasha prefers sour flavors to sweet ones.
>> Everyone figures he picked up his accent from his parents while still in the egg. It is a German accent.
>> Originally from PMDO!


DAXTER || "Very cool 'mon. He is also ever so kind! After all, he vas so kind as to give me zhis job, and I cannot thank him enough for zhat." -- Sasha's division leader. As of right now, he is very professional with him, and though the Lucario has been nothing but kind, he makes Sasha a little nervous. Even so, Sasha also kind of looks up to Daxter with admiration and it's entirely possible that the Blitzle views him as a role model.

XANTHE || "Xanthe is quite a hoof-ful! Zhough, she is certainly very bright." -- Sasha's teammate. While she can prove to be troublesome, especially to keep up with, Xanthe has done a good job of fending off certain others who might tend to give Sasha a hassle, and for that he's glad to have her around.
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